Our favourite lockdown tunes for kids!

Here at Zest Dance, along with the rest of the world, we have been keeping in touch via zoom and making sure that everyone keeps dancing through the lockdown blues. Here are some of our student's favourite songs to dance to right now:

  1. Shake It Off - Kids Bop (2015) - although this is over 5 years old, the kids are still absolutely loving it and often request it for dances and games.

  2. Try Everything - Shakira (2016) - also features in the movie 'Zootropolis' and as well as being a fab tune to dance to, the lyrics convey the wonderful message of 'never giving up' too.

  3. Holiday - Trolls Holiday (2017) - great feel good song to dance to, especially as we approach the summer holidays!

  4. What a Man Gotta Do - Jonas Brothers (2020) - the older students are loving this one, the steady beat is great for exercises and dances alike.

  5. The Party Freeze Dance Song - The Kiboomers (2014 version) - one for the little ones (pre-schoolers), we introduced this song just before the start of lockdown and they absolutely love it!

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